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AMERCEI.STUDIO® is proud to announce we are once again offering our services to the general public after concluding our exclusive contractual obligations.

AMERCEI.STUDIO® was originally incepted during the winter of 2014. Working under another banner, Fulfilling local contracts and voluntary services for major eyewear/apparel brands.

We quickly progressed into setting up our first office in a shared workspace on the Sunshine Coast, QLD. Since then we’ve been all over the globe providing our offerings to a wide range of talented clients.

In 2017, we temporarily relocated to Toronto, Canada. Working with talented artists, producers & creatives that shared our passion for Contemporary R&B music.

Currently AMERCEI.STUDIO® has a team of 5 members, a fully operational creative / music studio, and an extensive portfolio that features industry leaders from various sectors. We’ve worked with like Oakley, Luxottica, Retail Zoo, Yourtown, Officeworks, just to name a few.

Our central mission revolves around fostering the growth of budding talents in our local community, with the aim of shaping the creative landscape on a global level. We deeply appreciate the unwavering support of everyone who has been part of our journey—whether they are our collaborative partners or esteemed clients, past or present.