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Website + UI Design / Corporate Identity / Strategy.

AMERCEI.STUDIO® began working with Ludufi in Dec 2021 to establish their branding, corporate identity & website + UI design for their forward thinking crypto gaming platform.

The initial brief consisted of the following three main objectives;

#1 – Produce Complete Branding / Corporate Identity.

#2 – Complete Website Design + UI for LUDUFI gaming platform.

#3 – Create Industry-leading Pitch-Deck to secure private funding.

LUDUFI secured over $150,000 private seed funding using the Pitch-Deck, Website & UI that AMERCEI.STUDIO® produced. Many competitors attempted to replicate our designs shortly after.

Concluding our business together in 2022, AMERCEI.STUDIO proved our first foray into the Cryptocurrency sector was successful. We provided these industry leading results within an urgent timeframe + below allocated budget.